I wish to give you more choices here to own a crystal/semi precious stone at a reasonable and affordable price.

Crystals are definitely the best choice to give away as a gift for your loved one.


For Imported Clothings-

Please email me your order with name or code, colour of items, recipient name, address and mobile number. If there are stocks that need to restock will let you know1st ya.

Restock items will reach me in 1 week time. Items will be posted once I received it.

Payment to be done first before I place your order for restock items.

No cancellations of order once payment done.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

大部分的衣衣都是现货。 卖完就需要补货哦。。



确定订单之后请付款,然后附上邮寄资料 和付款资料。




Sunday, November 6, 2011

- Thank You Note- Teehee!!!!

Dearies Thank You for the Support!!!

More nice nice clothings will be up soon!

Stayyyyyyy Tune!

Dearies who received your parcel please kindly let me know ya

Thank You Once Again!!

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